No. 21C123 New Inner Firebox Appeal
Blackmoor Vale Plate
To enable No. 21C123 Blackmoor Vale to be overhauled and returned to traffic it requires a new inner firebox costing £199,900
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  West Country Inner Firebox

16th July 2018

Dapol 00 Gauge LSWR B4

  Dapol B4 spacer

Dapol have released a range of models of the LSWR B4, which includes two versions of No. 30096 Normandy – BR condition and preserved. The livery sheets for all these B4 models were produced by this sites webmaster (Richard Green) in his professional capacity!

Click the picture on the left to see a larger version of Dapol's press release. Ignore the 'sold out' flash as this just means that these have been pre-sold to stockist not that they are unavailable to buy!

2nd July 2018

Coach 5768

Below are some pictures showing the completed first and second class compartments, plus progress with the overhaul of the bogies.

Credit 5768 First class compartment
  First class compartment.
Credit 5768 Second class compartment
  Second class compartment.
Credit 5768 Bogie spacer 5768 Bogie Credit
  Overhauling the bogies on the tram road.  

13th April 2018

Coach 5768

The first of the bogies is undergoing overhaul on the tram road.

Credit 5768 Bogie
Credit 5768 Bogie

8th February 2018

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

The new inner firebox for No. 34059 is complete, has been passed by the boiler insurance inspector and has been trial fitted to the outer wrapper of the firebox. The new gusset plate at the back of the crown plate, which gives support to the rear of the firebox has been riveted in position. The outer wrapper sheets are both being renewed with that on the driver's side awaiting fitting. Marking out and drilling of the stays is underway with approximately 2,200 stays being required. 

It is hoped that the fitting of the new inner firebox to the outer wrapper and its associated welding, marking out and drilling for the stays will be completed for a return of the boiler to the Bluebell around Easter. 

The new inner firebox for No. 34101 Hartland is nearing completion and components for the new inner firebox for No. 21C123 have now been prepared and await welding.

Credit No. 34059 Firebox & Barrel
  New inner firebox and boiler barrel.
Credit No. 34059 Transverse Stays
  View looking forward to the boiler barrel showing transverse stays, new outer wrapper on the left and a corner of the gusset plate visible on the left.
Credit No. 34059 Gusset Plate spacer The new gusset plate and transverse stays in the firebox.
Credit No. 34059 Fireboxes
  The new inner fireboxes for No. 34059 (on the left) and No. 34101, the first two off the production line of what may well be six new inner fireboxes for light pacifics. 

24th January 2018

Bulleid Express

The table included in the article A Rebuild Renaissance – Far From Home by A.G.S (Tony) Davies in the current issue of Bulleid Express has errors caused by misaligned tabbing. The correct table is shown below:

Tony Davis Table

Also on page 18, LH column, D.A.Look should be D.A.Lock.

Apologies for any confusion this has caused.

5th January 2018

Coach 5768

Below are some pictures taken on 31st December 2017 showing progress with coach 5768.

Credit Coach 5768 East Side
  East side of coach in green undercoat.
Credit Coach 5768 West Side
  West side in green undercoat
Credit First class compartment
  First class compartment showing re-chromed fittings
Credit Coach 5768 Corridor spacer Coach 5768 Door Catch Credit
  Door to second class compartment showing re-chromed door catch.  

Close-up of re-chromed door catch

Credit Coach 5768 End Lettering spacer Painted information plates on the end of the coach.

No. 21C123 Blackmoor Vale

No. 21C123 photographed at Horsted Keynes, 31st December 2017, where most of the large engines have been taken while the Accessible Steam Heritage (ASH) project takes place at Sheffield Park.

Credit 21C123 at Horsted Keynes

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

Below are a couple of photographs of No. 34059, minus boiler, outside the works at Sheffield Park taken early in December when the shed was cleared out for the Accessible Steam Heritage (ASH) project.

Credit 34059 Sheffield Park
Credit 34059 Sheffield Park