Sir Archibald Sinclair Plate

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  34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

No. 21C123 New Inner Firebox Appeal
Blackmoor Vale Plate
To enable No. 21C123 Blackmoor Vale to be overhauled and returned to traffic it requires a new inner firebox costing £199,900
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  West Country Inner Firebox

22nd May 2017

No. 35018 British India Line and No. 35028 Clan Line on Light Test Runs

35018 (21C18) British India Line and 35028 Clan Line were both out on the mainline on Light Test Runs on Thursday 18th May 2017. The first and last Merchant Navys to be modified!

The video below is from khankadet.



9th May 2017

No. 34081 92 Squadron

With the recent re-dedicated of No. 34081 92 Squadron there is at least one Bulleid pacific in traffic in malachite green!

Up to now it has been running without the squadron plaques, but with the re-dedication they have now been fitted; the artwork for these was produced by the Bulleid Society's webmaster and locomotive illustrator Richard Green. Click here and go to the bottom of the page for a closer view of the original and new plaques.

Credit 34059 Syphon Repairs

6th April 2017

Bluebell Railway 2016/17 500+ CLUB

The 500+ Club is now open for membership. Help with the finance to pay for the repairing of No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair by joining. Click here for details

21st March 2017

No. 21C123 Blackmoor Vale and No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

A visit to South Devon Railway (Engineering) last Wednesday, and below are a few photographs which show the stack of pressings and completed syphons for No.21C123 and No.34059 plus other Bulleid fireboxes awaiting construction.

Most are identifiable and the old combustion chamber from No.34059 can also be seen together with a new blackhead and crown section. SDR (E) will try and produce a new complete pressings for the combustion chamber area, although it may be in two sections rather than six as at present. Hopefully the new firebox for No.34059 will be placed in the boiler in late May, it will then be returned to the Bluebell.

Credit 34059 Boiler Repair
Credit 34059 Boiler Repair spacer 34059 Boiler Repair Credit
Credit 34059 Boiler Repair

Coach 5768

A selection of views of the progress on coach 5768 taken last Sunday.

Credit Coach 5768 Third Class spacer Coach 5768 Third Class Credit
  Second class compartment.   First class compartment.  
Credit Coach 5768 Wiring spacer Coach 5768 Switches Credit
  Electrical wiring and switches.  
Credit Coach 5768 Corridor spacer Coach 5768 Door Credit
  Corridor with painted ceiling.   Door almost completed.