Blackmoor Vale Plate


Blackmoor Vale has undergone many livery changes and modifications during its time. Below are a series of simplified side elevations drawn by Richard Green showing the major alterations.

Please note the colours used are representational and have been chosen so the line work can be viewed easily. Clicking on the drawings below will give access to a larger GIF at 4mm/ft which can be downloaded and printed.

These drawings remain the copyright (©) of Richard Green 2003. The drawings can be downloaded on the understanding that they are for personal use only. They may not be reproduced for sale or used on a web site without first obtaining permission from

Highly detailed illustrations produced by Richard Green can be viewed on his web site:

21C123 as named
No. 21C123, Blackmoor Vale as built but after being named. Painted in Bulleid's standard Pacific livery of malachite green with three horizontal yellow lines. Tender lettering and cab number in the 'sunshine' style.
34023 in 1948
No. 34023, Blackmoor Vale soon after nationalisation, April 1948. Still in Southern livery but the lettering on the tender changed to British Railways but still in Southern's sunshine style. The BR number on the cab is also in the Southern style. Fitted with extended smoke deflectors.
34023 early British Railways21C123 in 1948
No. 34023, Blackmore Vale painted in British Railways livery with two horizontal lines of orange-black-orange and the early BR cycling lion logo on the tender. It has been fitted with the wedge shaped cab, designed to improve visibility. The front valance has been taken off to allow easier access to the cylinders. The sanding to the front driving wheel has also been removed to prevent sand dropping on the slide bars while filling. The spelling of the name has been changed to the correct 'Blackmore Vale'.
34023 late British Railways
No. 34023, Blackmore Vale in its later days on British Railways running with a cut down tender and fitted with AWS (Automatic Warning System) and speed recorder. Painted in the livery used on locomotives coupled to these tenders which followed the standard BR practice of having the lining in panels with rounded corners but keeping the two horizontal lines on the boiler casing. The later BR totem on the tender.
21C123 as preserved
No. 21C123, Blackmoor Vale as preserved on the Bluebell Railway, Sussex. It has been returned to Bulleid's Southern livery with its name reverting back to the original spelling. The smoke deflectors have been shortened to their original length and the tender has reverted to the original Southern profile. A shield has been added with a crest devised by the late Albert Goodall, the lions from Lyme Regis and the fleur-de-lys from Torrington.