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  34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

24th February 2023

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

A few more pictures showing further work on the ashpan and the boiler.

The tender is being worked on in the maintenance shed.

Credit 34059 Ashpan
  The back of the ashpan (upside down) .
Credit 34059 Ashpan
  The ashpan with the brackets being fitted for the damper and hopper operating gear.
Credit 34059 Cab
  The cab ashpan and chassis.
Credit 35059 Backhead spacer

The blackhead and firebox with the crinolines being added and the clothing applied.

Credit 34059 Tender spacer 34059 Tender Credit
  The tender side rubbed down ready for the next top coat.   The rear of the tender with the lamp conduit newly painted and wiring inserted.  

20th February 2023

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

A few more photographs of progress with No 34059, The boiler has been moved to an upright position and has been trial fitted to the frames. It is now back on the floor with the retubing well under way.

Credit 34059 Boiler
  Starting to retube the boiler.
Credit 34059 Firebox
  The firebox end.
Credit 35059 Large Tubes spacer

The large tubes being inserted.

Credit 34059 Regulator
  The blackhead with the regulator being trial fitted.

25th January 2023

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

Below are some more photos showing the progress on 34059. Most of the work on the chassis has been done with the overhaul of the remaining backhead fittings nearly completed.

The boiler has been rolled over to give access to the interior of he firebox and syphons to allow for more stays to be finished. The flue and smoke tubes are awaiting fitting with the ends of the tubes being cleaned prior to insertion into the tubeplates. The superheater elements are also on site.

There will be trial fitting of the boiler onto the frames so the nameplate holders have now been removed from the chassis to ease the trial fitting. The cab will also be removed.

Credit 34059 Boiler & Tubes
  Turned boiler and tubes.
Credit 34059 Clean Tubes spacer 34059 Flexible Stays Credit
  Cleaned tube ends.   Flexible stays fitted to the thermic syphons.  
Credit 34059 Boiler Backhead
  Boiler backhead.
Credit 34059 Chassis
  The chassis awaiting the trial fitting of the boiler. The boiler clothing sheets are stacked on pallets resting on the smokebox saddle
Credit 34059 Tender Repaint
  Rubbed down surface of the tender side and dome cover, plus two of the main steam pipes.
Credit 35059 Tender Front spacer

The painted front of the tender.

Credit 34059 Tender Route Lamps
Credit 35059 Route Lamp spacer

Above & left:
The route lamps for the tender being overhauled and painted.

A Race Against Time by Don Mackinnon and Alan Kreppel

Spacer A Race Against Time Book spacer

This superb volume by Don Mackinnon (a sadly deceased member of the Bulleid Society) and Alan Kreppel is a heavy tome. The price is £60 but there are 440 pages of excellent photographs covering the last years of steam from 1962-1971.

Don worked on the first overhaul of 21C123 Blackmoor Vale. 


Below is a photograph taken by Don Mackinnon of No. 34059 at Southampton Central in 1966.

Spacer 34059 Southampton 1966
  No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair at Southampton Central, January 1966 by Don Mackinnon

The Last Spark by Malcolm Root FGRA – LAST TWO LEFT!

Malcolm Root's latest painting has been produced as a low print run and Malcolm has offered a contribution from the prints sold towards the overhaul of No. 96 Normandy and No. 21C123 Blackmoor Vale – full details below.

On the 17th October 1950 Bulleid’s revolutionary “Leader” passes through Winchester on the up main line with a 430 ton test train to Guildford. Nearing the end of its very short life this was perhaps the last glimmer of hope that development of the locomotive would continue. Amongst a shower of sparks and on a heavy train Leader is going well on one of its more successful trips.

Print image size: 15” x 20” with a 2” border all round.
Price: £65 inc p&p.

If you want to purchase a copy please let

Credit The Last Spark By Malcolm Root FGRA

18th January 2023

The Bluebell Battle of Britain Locomotive Group 2023/24 500+ Club

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