26th October 2022

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

The Stones turbo generator is under refurbishment in the workshop, Sheffield Park.

The steam supply to the generator is via a cab control with the final steam pressure reduction being via the Auld valve sited to the left of the generator bracket on the driver's side of the footplate. The steam then enters the generator at the front, right, (this part is not fitted in the picture below) before being taken to the rear turbine via an external pipe, providing rotational power to the AC alternator. The exhaust steam leaves through the large top brass fitting, left. There is a simple mechanical governor fitted to the right end of the shaft to prevent overrunning of the turbine.

Similar electrical generators found wide use throughout the railway world, with the large Tonum headlights, often a feature on continental locomotives, powered by the generator.

Credit 34059 Generator spacer 34059 Generator Plate Credit
  Stones turbo generator.   Auld valve and bracket for the generator.  

No. 96 Normandy

Normandy safely undercover in the engine shed at Sheffield Park and attracting visitors at the recent Giants of Steam event on the Bluebell.

Credit 96 Normandy

17th October 2022

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

The boiler cladding had been sent to a commercial company for shot blasting and painting with the inside painted in epoxy paint to prevent corrosion. It arrived back at Sheffield Park on a pallet and the sections where corrosion has occurred are now under repair with new steel sheet. We have been fortunate in being able to store the cladding inside with painting of the primed outside areas requiring further work by the painters.

Credit 34059 Boiler Cladding
Credit 35059 Boiler Cladding spacer

Above & left:
The cladding for 34059's boiler .

The tender tank has now received one gloss coat, which has now been rubbed down and awaits the next top coat. The coal space has a fresh coat of bitumastic paint which is more resilient to damage by the coal. On the front of the tender the lockers and remainder of this area have been rubbed down, undercoated and are now awaiting the first gloss coat. Examination of the tender wheel journals showed that the wheel sets did not require removal and the wheels have now received black gloss, completing the final painting of the area below the tank.

The Stone's turbo generator, which supplies power to the cab and route lights, is receiving minor maintenance and the route lights themselves await painting.

30th August 2022

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

Below are a few more photographs showing progress on No. 34059. The tender repaint is underway after the rubbing down of the tender and the rewiring of the engine and cab is progressing.

Credit 34059 Tender Repaint
  Painted tender buffer beam and brake gear.
Credit 34059 Tender Repaint
  Tender back.
Credit 34059 Tender Repaint
  Tender left-hand side.
Credit 34059 Cab Rewiring spacer 34059 Cab Rewiring Credit
  The cab being rewired.   Close-up of the AWS fittings & speedo.  

20th June 2022

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

The chassis is now in the running shed with the motion oiled to prevent material surface degradation rust! The tender is in the works for general cleaning and repainting as the mechanical overhaul has been already been completed. The cab has been repositioned in front of the tender.

Credit 34059 Shunt
  The chassis and tender alongside the maintenance shed.
Credit 34059 Shunt
  The chassis being shunted into the running shed.
Credit 34059 Tender
  The tender back inside the works.
Credit 35059 Cab spacer

The cab in front of the tender.

Sean Day-Lewis

Sean Day-Lewis, the author of Bulleid, Last Giant of Steam, died on Wednesday 8th June aged 90. He was the Vice President of the Bulleid Society.

Credit Sean Day-Lewis
Spacer Bulleid Book spacer

He was born in 1931 the son of poet Cecil Day-Lewis, and half-brother of actor Daniel Day-Lewis.

His career was in newspapers and television, which including working for the Daily Telegraph 1960-86.

Sean also had books published, including Bulleid, Last Giant of Steam.

10th May 2022

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

The tender of No 34059 is now in the workshop. The Armstrong oiler pads in the tender axle boxes have all been replaced.

Credit 34059 Axle Box spacer The centre axle box.

The vacuum cylinders were dismantled and have had all the rings and joints renewed before refitting.

Credit 34059 Vacuum Pistons
  Vacuum piston with rolling ring awaiting fitting to vacuum cylinder.
Credit 34059 Vacuum Cylinder
  Reassembled and fitted vacuum cylinder.

On the tender's braking system, adjustment for wear on the brake blocks is automatically made with the Weslack adjusters which have been removed from the tender for overhaul.

Credit 34059 Weslack Adjusters
Credit 34059 Weslack Adjuster
  Above – The Weslack adjusters.

The water supply from the tender to the engine is piped to the flexible 'bags' at the front of the tender which attach to pipework on the engine connected to the injectors. Before disconnecting the engine and tender, the tender water supply must be isolated. Saunders valves, which consist of a hand wheel controlling a screw thread on a bronze 'spider' connected to a rubber diaphragm which closes on the body of the valve, are used to shut off the water supply. There are two such valves on the tender, which have been removed, cleaned, painted and have had replacement rubber diaphragms fitted.

Credit 34059 Saunders Valve
  Saunders valve
Credit 34059 Saunders Valve Fitted
  The Saunders valve in situ with the flexible bag from the pipework to connect to the injector water input pipe on the engine.

Brighton Tram 53 – Invite to an Open day

Spacer Brighton Tram spacer

The Brighton Tram 53 Society who are restoring the last Brighton passenger tram car, number 53, are having an open day on Sunday 29th May and Bulleid Society members are cordially invited to see our work and progress.

They are open from 11:00 – 15:00. Tea and biscuits provided.

The location is at the bottom of Chanctonbury Ring, off the A283 near Wiston. Park in the Chanctonbury Ring car park and you are five minutes away.

4th May 2022

Mike Lee

It is with great sadness that we announce the death, on 27th April, of Mike Lee. Mike was a Bulleid Society member, the Society's secretary and a Bluebell driver. He was married to Ruth Groome, one of the daughters of Clive Groome.

Details of Mike's funeral will be announced in due course.

Credit 21C123 Royal Train
  Mike (leaning out of the window) was the fireman when 21C123 Blackmoor Vale hauled the Royal Train, 17th July 2002. The driver was David Foale, also in the picture are Keith Sturt and Roger Cruse.

1st March 2022

SR Bulleid Open Wagon No.12058

SR Bulleid Open Wagon 12058 has been progressing rapidly with the floor being fitted. A full report with further pictures can be viewed here.

CreSpacer 34059 Aproaching Horsted Keynes
  The chassis with the floor fitted.

7th February 2022

KR Models

KR Models are producing a model of Bulleid's Leader Class in 00 Gauge.  It will be available in many might-have-been liveries. Delivery is expected to be the 3rd quarter of 2022.

spacer Leader Class in 00 Gauge spacer Leader Class in 00 Gauge spacer
spacer Leader Class in 00 Gauge spacer A variety of liveries is being offered.

KR Models are also working on models of the Bulleid 4DD EMU. The CAD drawings are almost complete and if you are interested you can register interest here.

spacer Bulleid 4DD EMU
spacer Bulleid 4DD EMU

6th January 2022

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

Progress on No. 34059 is now concentrated at the back of the engine with the injector pipework and the injectors themselves being erected. Work will start soon on the cab.

The motion on the LHS is now completed with the connecting rod in place and the RHS awaiting its turn now that the bronze for the bush has arrived and has been machined by Steve Czech.

Credit 34059 Nameplate Bracket
  One of the painted brackets which hold the nameplate and plaque. Also seen are the two water feed pipes to the injectors in place.
Credit 34059 Cab Back spacer 34059 Injector Credit
  The cab back with injector and pipework being fitted.   Close-up of one of the two live steam injectors.  

1st January 2022

The left-hand connecting rod has now been fitted, so at the end of 2021, there has been very positive progress in the overhaul.

In 2021, the pony truck and bissel truck have been overhauled and the engine has been re-wheeled; pistons and valves have been overhauled with new valve rods fitted; the lubrication pipework has been cleaned, annealed and is now in place with the Wakefield lubricators overhauled and connected to the pipework; new pins and bushes have been made and the regulator has been overhauled with replacement items machined; the boiler staying is virtually complete and the knocking over of the stays is in progress.

Credit 34059 Middle Rod